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Quanta Capsule App

What is the Quanta Capsule?

The Quanta Capsule is a standalone app which has the ability to import frequencies from the Genius Quantum Biofeedback device.  This is to allow at home balancing and empowers one to help themselves.  The owner of the app can be halfway around the world and receive immediate help and relief from their Quantum practitioner.

What is What is Quantum Biofeedback?

Think of what it is like to feel the best you have ever felt. Now recall what it was like when You felt sick or unwell.  Notice how quickly You could switch your experience from one to another.  In truth, healing can happen this way.  Quantum physics has revealed that the difference between these two experiences is simply a switch in the electrical flow through the body.  Electrical flow is measured through frequency.  By changing your frequency, it is possible to achieve many changes of Mind, Body and Spirit. 

My work in Quantum Biofeedback assists You with the frequencies that encourage harmony and feelings of wellness.  Clients have reported that they experience a new inner calm, better sleep, more energy and a sense of well-being after each session.   Like chiropractic, acupuncture and other energetic modalities the sessions build, finding that the biggest shifts occur after 5-7 consecutive treatments.

How It Works

New research reveals that the sound of Your voice carries important encoded information.  This information can be interpreted with the right technology.  This biofeedback system essentially measures Your unique frequency by a sophisticated method of listening to Your voice. A frequency is mathematically calculated and then compared to the frequencies within the program.  From there, personalized frequencies are selected for You based on the results.  The frequencies are then played for You in order to create a positive response. Many people find that listening to the frequencies is soothing and relaxing and creates a positive change.

What Do I Need to Do

Be willing to receive.  If You are getting the frequencies sent to Your App on Your device, play the batch one time in the morning for 15 minutes and repeat in the evening for 15 minutes.  Begin to observe how You are experiencing the frequencies and what is beginning to shift and change.  Many people report a perceptible change after just one session.  For others, it takes more time to really experience how the frequencies are changing physical and emotional issues. The average number of sessions that clients typically need to experience long- lasting change is about 6-8 sessions.  Once they achieve their goal of better sleep or more energy, many clients want to work on other issues. Examples being:
        PTSD and Stress Reduction
        Digestive Calming
        Brain and Cognitive Enhancement
        Pain Disturbance
        Emotional Release
        Anti- Aging
        Happy Pets
        Clearing Space at Home or Work

15 minutes (For Scan or use of the Quanta Capsule) = $50
30 minutes (Recommended for Analyzing the situation) = $75
60 minutes (Recommended for Analyzing and Balancing) =$100

Quantum Infinity is a powerful biofeedback tool. It allows you to check in on your energy field and to balance and harmonize it! The QI is unique in that it allows you to create an unlimited amount of customized panels that allow you to test supplements, essential oils and other remedies.

The program is essentially the software and is designed to be placed on devices such as an Apple IPad, IPad Pro or even and IPhone. The software is also compatible with the Android platform and can be placed on any device that runs with such a platform. Having a biofeedback device such as this, which is easily portable, user friendly and affordable makes it a very appealing and powerful tool.

Energy medicine is defined as both the assessment and therapeutic use of energy, whether detected or produced by a technology or a human body." As such, the program is both a detector of imbalance and a healer of imbalances. This is all directed at the energy field, but often has far reaching physical effects.

Energy medicine involves the use of energies of particular intensities and frequencies that stimulate the rebalancing of the human energy field. These frequencies can come from the environment, from technology or from a human being. The Quantum Infinity produces both Soliton and Harmonic frequencies. Users have found these frequencies to be profoundly healing and uplifting.

"Biological effects, like molecular resonances, are frequency specific."

The Quantum Infinity works by first capturing your personal frequency. This frequency is measured via the voice (Spectral Voice Analysis) and by your picture. Once the voice is captured, it is compared to frequencies in the program. These include Vitamin C, magnesium as well as various viruses, parasites and bacteria. The high and low numbers that are considered after a scan are ones that show reactivity. This reactivity can represent the extent of an imbalance or it can show a potential attraction to a particular remedy, essential oil or affirmation. Many people have been able to scan themselves on a regular basis to see how their supplements and remedies are working for them and are informed when it is time to make a change. This is valuable information!

"Resonance is the process by which a field of a particular frequency or wavelength can transfer vibrational energy from one object to another."

The Quantum Infinity will generate frequencies to reduce the reactivity. These are frequencies that cause the reduction of the stress response in the body and support overall balance and restoration of homeostasis in the body. By listening to the frequencies or receiving them with the Geo wristbands, you are entraining the frequencies into your energy field.

"Living tissues produce frequencies and external fields will affect those frequencies by entraining them."

After a session on the Quantum Inifnity, you can expect to feel refreshed and relaxed. Use it on a daily basis for a 16 minute balancing session to continue to create balance and harmony in your energy field and in your life.


After the initial scan, The Quantum Infinity selects three major
items to balance for up to 16 min each. After the three major items have
been balanced, you can visit the sub programs for more detailed information
on your clients current state of health as it relates to stress.