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Rain Drop Therapy

What is Rain Drop Therapy?

The use of essential oils is an ancient practice dating back to Egypt.  Like many other practices with roots in the past, it has been highly commercialized to the public. It should rightly hold a respected position in alternative, complementary health practices. In some parts of the world, such as France, it may be practiced with care and skill. However, the general public in the USA, is still in an initiate stage of understanding the use and benefits of the oils.

Raindrop technique originated in the 1980's from the research of D. Gary Young working with a Lakota medicine man named Wallace Black Elk. It integrates massage, utilizing the power of essential oils in bringing the body into structural and electrical alignment

Raindrop Technique is based on the theory that many types of scoliosis and spinal misalignments are caused by viruses or bacteria that lie dormant along the spine. These pathogens create inflammation, which in turn, contorts and disfigures the spinal column.

Raindrop Technique uses a sequence of highly anti-microbial essential oils designed to simultaneously reduce inflammation and kill the viral agents (from the Essential Oil Desk Reference)


So What Are These Amazing Oils?

The Raindrop Technique uses a sequence of highly anti-microbial essential oils in order to reduce inflammation. The nine oils are dispensed like drops of rain from about six inches above the back, massaged along the spine and over the rest of the back. A hot compress is then applied to facilitate absorption of the oils and relax the muscles.

The therapeutic grade essential oils used in the Raindrop Technique Session are:

1. Valor - used to balance. Valor is the most important oil used in this application because it works on both physical and emotional levels, supporting the physical and energy alignment of the body. The key to using     this oil is patience. Once the frequencies begin to balance, a structural alignment can begin to occur. Valor is applied to the soles of the feet and on the shoulders. Valor is nicknamed "chiropractor in a bottle".

Valor is a blend of the following oils:

· Rosewood: this oil is soothing, creates elasticity, and helps the skin rid itself of irritations and problems such as candida. It is anti-infectious, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-parasitic.

· Blue Tansy: European research shows that it works as an antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, and stimulant for the thymus gland reducing dermatitis, arthritis, sciatica, tuberculosis and allergies.

· Frankincense: high in sesquiterpenes, it helps stimulate the limbic part of the brain, which elevates the mind, helping overcome stress and despair.

· Spruce: helps to open and release emotional blocks, bringing about a feeling of balance and grounding. Anti-infectious, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory

2. Thyme is documented to be highly anti-microbial. This essential oil easily penetrates the skin and travels throughout the body.

3. Oregano has an anti-microbial action even more aggressive than thyme. It also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

4. Basil has antispasmodic properties that relax muscles. It is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

5. Wintergreen/Birch are anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) due to their high methyl salicylate content. These essential oils are excellent for bones.

6. Cypress improves circulation and relieves spasms and swelling. Cypress also helps heal damaged tissue.

7. Marjoram is antispasmodic and helps relax muscles.

8. Peppermint has pain killing properties. It is also anti-microbial, working synergistically with other oils to enhance their activity. Peppermint also stimulates circulation and cools inflamed tissue.

9. Aroma Siez is a highly antispasmodic blend of essential oils that helps relax sore, tense, or inflamed muscles.

This blend consists of:  Basil, Cypress,  Marjoram, Lavender and Peppermint.

Lavender is a universal oil with many different applications. It may help arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, convulsions, depression, earaches, heart palpitations, high blood pressure,hives, insect bites, nervous tension, respiratory infection and rheumatism.  It is also antiseptic, analgesic, anti-tumoral, anticonvulsant, sedative, anti-inflammatory.

Customizing RDT:

The Raindrop Therapy Technique can be customized to address different health issues that are not directly related to back problems. Lung infections, digestive complaints, hormonal problems, liver insufficiencies, and other problems can all be dealt with by substituting standard RDT essential oils with other oils that are specifically targeted for that body system.

When customizing, Valor, oregano and thyme are still used as they form the "hub" of all Raindrop applications. The other essential oils used in the standard RDT are replaced by essential oils specific for the condition being treated.

For example, when treating colon/digestion issues, the oils of basil, wintergreen, marjoram, and cypress would be substituted with:

Tarragon: Used in Europe for its anti-microbial and antiseptic functions. It may also be beneficial for abdominal discomfort and spasms, arthritis, digestive complaints and more.

Fennel: Fennel may be used for indigestion, stimulating the cardiovascular system, constipation, digestion, balancing hormones, supporting pancreatic function, PMS, and stimulating the respiratory system.

Spearmint: Has been used to help support the respiratory and nervous system. It may also help with digestion.

Di-Gize: A blend of essential oils that relieves digestive problems including heartburn, indigestion, and bloating. Combats candida and parasite infection. Oils in this blend are:

· Tarragon: See above

· Ginger: has been traditionally used to combat nausea and gastro-intestinal fermentation.

· Juniper: Works as a powerful detoxifier and cleanser and amplifies kidney function.

· Anise: Combats spastic colitis, indigestion and intestinal pain.

· Fennel: See above

· Peppermint: One of the most highly regarded herbs for improving digestion and combating parasites. It relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestinal tract and promotes peristalsis. It kills bacteria, yeasts, fungi and mold.

· Lemongrass: Is documented to have powerful antifungal properties. It is a vasodilating, anti-inflammatory, and improves digestion.


The above is an example of how the RT can be customized for specific issues. In addition to colon/digestion issues RT can be customized for issues such as:

          · Heart/Circulation

          · Liver

          · Lung

          · Hormone Balance

          · Joints/Bones

          · Brain


I simply cannot say too much about the Raindrop Technique or the superior grade of therapeutic grade oils used in it's application.

A word of caution: The oils used in this technique are extremely high quality therapeutic grade oils. Please do not try to substitute inferior grades of essential oils and think this technique will work, it won't.